3D CTBT Scanning Innovative Technology

First Dental Practice in Pakistan to have a 3D CTBT & Digital Scanning

Cutting Edge Diagnosis

Alvi Dental Hospital was the first dental clinic to have advanced digital x-ray technology, and more recently acquires Pakistan’s first ever 3D Cone Beam CT scanning machine for any dental practice in Pakistan.

The availability of a 3D machine is now considered a global standard for dental practice. The advantages are breathtaking.

Traditionally manual dental x-rays (a 2D image/picture) was the considered a gold standard for sometime over the years but with its own set of limitations.  With the advent of 3D CBCT technology, now a simple tooth can be scanned at a resolution of 76μm. (micrometers), which is practically finer then a human hair.  At this resolution your dentist can now extensively evaluate your tooth even before commencing any treatment.

This technology helps us deliver a more accurate diagnosis for Root canals, Implants, Orthodontics and even simple Surgical issues, the diagnostic ability of having a 3D CBCT machine are endless.

Trendsetters in Advanced Dental Services in Pakistan

From having the First Dental Microscope in Pakistan, we now can easily lay claim to having the First Dental 3D/CT machine in Pakistan. and more recently the acquisition of 3Shape Intra-oral scanner, 3D printer and full complement of Aligners technology studio.  Alvi Dental is definitely the leading practice in technology across Pakistan

We offer these services as our commitment to being the best of the best in dentistry in Pakistan. All our systems are linked to this central computerized system which makes our practice entirely paperless.  All our x-ray machines which have been certified for safety by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

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