3D CTBT Scanning Innovative Technology

First Dental Practice in Pakistan to have a 3D CTBT & Digital Scanning

Interested in learning about CTBT X-rays in Karachi, Pakistan – Read on.

Alvi Dental Hospital spearheads dental care innovation, setting new benchmarks with cutting-edge diagnostic technologies that redefine precision and excellence CTBT machine and Digital X-rays

Pioneering Digital Imaging CTBT: A Legacy of Innovation

Our legacy of pioneering advancements at Alvi Dental Hospital is marked by the introduction of advanced digital x-ray technology, making us trailblazers in the region. Recently, we achieved yet another milestone by acquiring Pakistan’s first Dental 3D Cone Beam CTBT scanning machine, a groundbreaking addition to dental practices nationwide.

The incorporation of a 3D machine is not just a local innovation; it aligns with global standards in dental practice. The revolutionary advantages it brings forth are unparalleled.

Traditionally, manual dental x-rays provided a two-dimensional image, considered the gold standard for years despite its limitations. Enter 3D CBCT technology, enabling us to scan a single tooth at an astonishing resolution of 76μm (micrometers), finer than a human hair. This unprecedented level of detail empowers our dentists to thoroughly assess your dental condition before initiating any treatment.

Precision in Diagnosis: Elevating Dental Care

Our state-of-the-art 3D CBCT machine enhances diagnostic capabilities for root canals, implants, orthodontics, and various surgical procedures. The possibilities with this technology are boundless, offering an accuracy level that was once unimaginable.

Having introduced the First Dental Microscope in Pakistan, we proudly add the title of the First Dental 3D/CT machine provider in the country to our list of accomplishments. Recent additions such as the 3Shape Intra-oral scanner3D printer, and Aligners technology studio further solidify our position as the leading dental practice in technology across Pakistan

Setting Trends in Advanced Dental Services in Pakistan

At Alvi Dental, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. From introducing the first dental microscope in Pakistan to proudly being the first dental 3D/CT machine provider in the country, we continually add to our list of accomplishments. Recent additions such as the 3Shape Intra-oral scanner, 3D printer, and Aligners technology studio further solidify our position as the leading dental practice in technology across Pakistan.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technology to the seamless integration of our systems. Operating entirely paperless, all our systems are interconnected through a central computerized system. Additionally, our x-ray machines are certified for safety by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

At Alvi Dental Hospital, we are not merely keeping up with the times; we are defining the future of dentistry in Pakistan. Our unwavering dedication to providing the best in dental care persists as we continue to lead the way in technological advancements for the benefit of our patients.

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