Dr Aisha Gul

Dr Aisha Gul

Cosmetic Dentist

  • BDS
  • MCPS Family Dentistry

Dr. Aisha Gul is a highly accomplished Senior General Dentist at Alvi Dental Hospital, boasting an impressive educational background that includes a BDS from Baqai Medical University in Pakistan and MCPS Family Dentistry membership from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Since 2015, she has been an integral part of the esteemed institution, showcasing her extensive knowledge and experience in general dentistry. Dr. Gul is recognized for her proficiency in performing intricate dental procedures, emphasizing both functional and aesthetic aspects, and employing the latest worldwide technologies to ensure quick and painless treatments.

In addition to her role as a clinician, Dr. Gul actively contributes to the professional growth of Alvi Dental by training junior doctors and overseeing prosthetic tasks for Specialist Dr. Awab Alvi. Her specialization extends to implant planning and prosthetic planning, utilizing digital and 3D options. Notably, she possesses a remarkable ability to provide comfort and care to all patients, with a particular focus on children and individuals with special needs.

Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement, Dr. Gul is currently undergoing MCPS training, further enhancing her skills and benefiting both the practice and her patients. Her professionalism shines through in efficiently managing day-to-day tasks and emergencies. Dr. Aisha Gul stands out as a dedicated and compassionate professional, contributing significantly to the success and reputation of Alvi Dental Hospital.

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The best team of dentists in Karachi are definitely

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We have on our team of dentists one of Karachi leading Pediatric Dentists Dr Saleha Shah who is brilliant in handling young kids and help treat them to outstanding oral health.

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