Dr. Arif R Alvi


Dr. Alvi did BDS from Lahore and was declared the ‘Best Graduate’ of the University. He underwent his first postgraduate training for two years at the University of Michigan, where he was awarded Master of Science in Prosthodontics (MS). He was the first Pakistani to have acquired this professional qualification. In 1982 he joined the two-year Orthodontic training program at the University of Pacific in San Francisco where was awarded the Master of Science in Orthodontics (MSD). Dr. Alvi was again the first Pakistani to specialize in Orthodontics and is also the only Pakistani who is a specialist not in one, but two major fields of dentistry. In 1995 he was awarded Diplomate American Board of Orthodontists and became one of ten Asians and the only Muslim, Pakistani, or SAARC dentist to have achieved this level of qualification.

Professional achievements: Dr. Alvi has been the President of the Pakistan Dental Association. He was Chairman of the first Pakistan International Dental Conference in 1981. In 1987 too he was Chairman of the Third Pakistan International Dental Conference which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Junejo. He was the Patron of the Fifth Pakistan International Dental Conference inaugurated by the President of Pakistan and the Chairman of the 28th Asia Pacific Dental Congress. Dr. Arif was awarded the Fellowships of The International College of Dentists, The American College of Dentists and The Pierre Fauchard Academy in recognition of his outstanding academic, clinical and professional achievements. He is the Dean of the Faculty of Orthodontics of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.

In 2013 he was elected as a Member of Parliament from Karachi and served for a period of 5 years; he was subsequently elected again from the same seat in 2018.  On 9th September he was elected and sworn as the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is indeed an honor for the Alvi Dental team, upon his acceding to the office of the President he has moved away from his clinical activities at our hospital and serves the people of Pakistan.

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