Dr Faizan Farooq

Dr Faizan Farooq

BDS, FCPS Ortho (Part II)

In this era of diversity Dr Faizan Farooq bridges the gap in between digital and clinical dentistry as being the right hand of Dr Awab Alvi in digital treatment simulation, in-house aligner program and 3D printing.

Year 2013 marks the start of his journey as a general dentist when he graduated. He joined Alvi Dental Hospital in 2016 and currently he is working as general dentist and Senior Orthodontic Fellow who have credits in transforming numerous smiles through braces and aligners.

In terms of patient care he manages dental trauma and emergencies effectively as per his Operation Theater experience. He have an exceptionally positive feedback from patients for his humble and kind nature and pain free treatment.

Nevertheless his understanding nature gives the workplace a healthy/friendly environment playing a vital role for the well being of patients and staff.

May his passion for innovation and teaching in dentistry continues to flourish in future as well.

Dr Faizan Farooq - Alvi Dental

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