Dr Faizan Farooq

BDS, FCPS (Part I)

A skilled and dedicated dental professional, Dr. Faizan Farooq has emerged as a pivotal figure in the intersection of digital and clinical dentistry. Serving as the right-hand associate to Dr. Awab Alvi, he plays a crucial role in advancing digital treatment simulation, managing in-house aligner programs, and spearheading 3D printing initiatives.

Embarking on his journey in 2013 as a general dentist, Dr. Farooq has significantly contributed to the field. Since joining Alvi Dental Hospital in 2016, he has evolved into the role of a general dentist and Senior Orthodontic Fellow, earning acclaim for his role in transforming countless smiles through the skillful application of braces and aligners.

Beyond his technical expertise, Dr. Farooq excels in patient care, particularly in managing dental trauma and emergencies with precision, drawing from his extensive Operation Theater experience. His commitment to pain-free treatment and compassionate care has garnered him exceptional feedback from patients, highlighting his humble and kind demeanor.

Dr. Farooq’s positive influence extends beyond patient interactions. His understanding nature fosters a healthy and friendly workplace environment, contributing significantly to the overall well-being of both patients and staff alike.

As a professional driven by passion, Dr. Farooq’s commitment to innovation and teaching in dentistry is evident. His contributions to the field continue to flourish, promising a future marked by continued growth and excellence in the realms of dentistry, education, and technological advancement.

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Dr Faizan Farooq - Alvi Dental

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