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Dr. Mahnoor Khan is an accomplished dental professional currently undertaking FCPS Part II in Orthodontics at Alvi Dental, reflecting a steadfast commitment to excellence in dentistry.

Graduating with distinctions and positions from Fatima Jinnah Dental College and Hospital, Dr. Khan continued her pursuit of excellence in the field. After her house job, she achieved a significant milestone by successfully clearing FCPS Part I in 2020, demonstrating dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

Following her house job, Dr. Khan took on the role of a lecturer and simultaneously practiced as a general dentist at Cheezal and later at Inspire Dental Network by Alvi Dental.

Currently, she is further honing her expertise through specialized training in FCPS Orthodontics at Alvi Dental. Her journey in dentistry began as a general dentist, where she proved herself before venturing into advanced training in orthodontics.

The refinement of her specialization in Orthodontics is actively taking place during her residency training at Alvi Dental, contributing to her proficiency in a diverse range of orthodontic procedures.

Dr. Mahnoor Khan’s current pursuit of FCPS at Alvi Dental is characterized by a robust foundation of academic excellence and hands-on proficiency. Her contributions are actively raising orthodontic standards, making her a respected figure in the field and embodying the epitome of a dental professional dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

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Dr Mahnoor Khan

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