Lingual Braces - another alternative to Braces

What are Lingual Braces?

The biggest hindrance for any person with crooked teeth is to have the courage to get metal braces. Fear of the horrible wedding pictures with a “metal braces look” or even suffer workplace taunting of having a “metal mouth“. At times transparent/ceramic braces may help hide a bit of the “metal braces look” but it may still not be sufficient to convince you to get the treatment.

If you have crooked teeth, one good option for you is to have the braces placed behind your teeth, so that no one would notice these, and in the meantime quite magically without anyone knowing your teeth will become straighter and straighter to the perfect smile

Lingual braces are tucked in the backside of your teeth, no one needs to know you are having braces. These braces are cast in Gold alloy, hence be weary of the high cost associated with Lingual braces but it may still be an option for you to consider

Lingual Braces or Aligners?

The debate lingers on is it worth spending for the effort to get Lingual Braces or Aligners, keep in mind in severe crowded cases or more complicated cases aligners is not a preferred option, and our doctors will recommend Braces, then you have an option to choose from the metallic braces, ceramic or white braces or Lingual braces.  Come talk to our doctors who can better guide you on what is the best option for you Personally

Dr. Awab Alvi has been extensively trained in the precision treatment of lingual orthodontics during his post-graduate training at Saint Louis University. With drastic improvement in technology Alvi Dental Hospital is proud to be one of the first few dental practices to offer computer precision designed lingual braces for your teeth, a huge advantage of quicker treatment without the hassles and problems of the standard (older) lingual orthodontic treatment. All without no one ever knowing that you got braces since everything was conveniently hidden behind your teeth

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