Dr Ashar Jamelle

Dr Ashar Jamelle

BDS, MSc (Periodontology – Queen Mary College London, UK)

Dr. Ashar Jamelle is committed to the community and to the cause of helping patients in whatever way as gum diseases in Pakistan due to poor oral hygiene, diabetes smoking, stress is on the rise.

Alvi Dental Hospital is a pioneer and one of the most respected bodies in their cause to helping people perfect smiles to boost confidence and well being for numerous years. He feels honored to be a part of the prestigious Alvi Dental Hospital

His specialty is in Periodontology and did a clinical masters from Queen Mary University London where he worked at the Royal London Hospital White Chapel .

He does gum disease elimination surgeries,regenerating bone,gum pigmentation treatment, crown lengthening, gum recession and non surgical procedures.He engages in workshops and lectures nationwide to disseminate knowledge and is associate professor head of department Fatima Jinnah Dental College where he teaches masters and undergraduate students

Dr Ashar Jamelle

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