Work with Us as a Dentist / FCPS (Ortho) Trainee

We at Alvi Dental are always on the lookout for exceptional dentists who would like to be part of our team

General Dentist

If you are so interested then please send your CV to & include in the subject of your email Applying as a Dentist [with your Name].

We DO NOT have any opening for undergraduates and neither will we accept any individual who has not completed their house-job.  Take your time to do all the formalities and become an exceptional dentist

FCPS Part II (Orthodontics) Training

Alvi Dental Hospital offers FCPS Part II training in Orthodontics and the vacancies open approximately once a year depending on the graduating candidates, we usually advertise such openings in local dental publications and also on our Facebook page, but even then do Send your CV to & include in the subject of your email Applying for FCPS [with your Name]

So when an opening comes up we will seek you and see if you are available to work as a part of our team . You can also call up our offices to inquire about the present situation at +92-348-111-2584

Free Consultation
Dr Awab Alvi

Free / No-Obligation Dental Consultation

Come to Alvi Dental and talk in detail with our doctors for a detailed discussion about your dental questions queries and concerns for FREE

Free Consultation offer by Alvi Dental for discussion with our dentists