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At Alvi Dental Hospital, we understand the unique preferences and needs of purdah-respecting ladies who prefer the exclusive care of female dentist. Our dedicated team excels in providing exceptional quality treatment, adhering to internationally accepted standards of care.

Our extensive team of female dentists, located at both Sindhi Muslim and Shahbaz, boasts impressive experience, with many professionals having accumulated years of expertise in patient care. This wealth of knowledge ensures that you receive the highest quality of dental treatment in a comfortable and respectful environment provided by female dentist team

We encourage you to engage with our team and express any specific requests you may have. At Alvi Dental Hospital, we are committed to accommodating your preferences.

Request a Female Dentist

Feel free to request to be exclusively attended to by a female dentist and assisted by a female assistant, ensuring that your purdah is meticulously respected throughout your dental experience.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our team is here to provide you with personalized and exceptional dental care. Experience the difference at Alvi Dental Hospital, where your well-being is our commitment so please do not hesitate to request for a female dentist

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Dr Syeda Rida Hasan female dentist

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Dr Afifa Khurram Dentist Alvi Dental Karachi female dentist

Dr. Afifa Khurram


Dr Aisha Gul Dentist Alvi Dental Karachi female dentist

Dr. Ayesha Gul


Dr Saleha Shah - Alvi Dental

Dr. Saleha Shah


Dr Samiya Amjad female dentist near me karachi

Dr. Samiya Amjad


Dr Syeda Rida Hasan female dentist purdah

Dr. Rida Hasan


Dr Sonia Dentist Alvi Dental Karachi female dentist

Dr. Sonia Vishal


Dr Zoya - Alvi Dental

Dr. Zoya Irfan


Dr Maheen Liaquat Female Dentist Alvi Dental

Dr. Maheen Liaquat


Dr Ilma - Alvi Dental

Dr. Ilma Mohiuddin


Dr Bismah Mir - female dentist

Dr. Bisma Mir


Dr Sumaiya Zafar - female dentist

Dr. Sumaiya Zafa


Dr Taiba Rasheed female dentist

Dr. Taiba Rasheed


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We have two locations of Alvi Dental, one in Sindhi Muslim and the other on Khy-e-Shahbaz DHA, to schedule please select the preferred clinic and tentatively schedule an appointment with a female dentist near me, which will be confirmed later by our staff shortly

FAQ’s on someone asking about Female Dentist for Dental Treatment

Do I need an Appointment?


We strongly suggest that you call / WhatsApp our offices to talk to our scheduling team to arrange the most immediate appointment that is convenient  for you plus depending on our Doctors availability.  This is to ensure that none of our patients have any extensive waiting time, we are mindful that your time is important and any pre scheduled patients are also respected for their time

How can I schedule with a Female Dentist

Some exceptional dentists on our team are females, when you call our offices to setup your appointment.  Simply request to be evaluated, attended and treated by female dentists.  If during the procedure you feel uncomfortable for any reason, just politely ask, and our team will ensure your request is taken care off

Do you have Imaging (x-rays, OPG, Ceph, CTBT) facilities?


We have facility for Peri-Apical X-Rays, OPG, Ceph & 3D CTBT scan, We are also excited to share that Alvi Dental Hospital has its own intra-oral scanner which can digitally scan your teeth for Aligners

What are your Clinic Timings

Both our offices are open 9:30am to 8pm Mondays to Saturday.  We are closed on Sundays

Emergency information

If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention.  WhatsApp our numbers 0348-111-2585 which we would try to answer immediately and maybe help guide you in case of an emergency.   We encourage you to immediately come to our office to let our doctors handle your emergency

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