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Treating all Kids with Tender Loving Care

Child in ClinicChildrens Dentist at Alvi Dental at par to none, the specialists we have on our teams combined with the  way of handling all patients specifically the Tender Loving are needed to treat children’s teeth, we are proud to be here to help you.  We have on our staff a Dr Saleha Shah (Pedodontist – a specialist for children’s teeth).

A good Children Dentist must shows the care and attention needed to understand this tender age, guide them through their fears of coming to a clinic and getting treated.

The philosophy of our office is to provide an environment that allows your child/children to develop a healthy lifelong attitude towards dentistry. These skills will allow them to attain and maintain healthy teeth. In order to achieve this goal, our team takes extra effort and time with each of our patients.

Most Common Children Dentist Question Parents Have:

“Help! My child’s adult teeth are coming in behind baby teeth – what should I do?”

Extra Teeth in Children - Shark Teeth

Answer: This is a VERY common occurrence with children, usually the result of a lower, primary (baby) tooth not falling out when the permanent tooth is coming in.

In most cases if the child starts wiggling the baby tooth, it will usually fall out on its own within two months. If it doesn’t then come in for a simple checup and we can guide you if it needs to be taken out by us or we can wait a bit longer. The permanent tooth should then slide into its proper place.

First Visit by Your Child’s 1st Birthday

Answer: Here’s an interesting fact: More than one in four children in the world have cavities by the time they are 4 years old – sometimes even before age of 2! Give your child the greatest gift on his or her 1st birthday – the gift of healthy teeth!

Tooth decay can begin as soon as teeth emerge in an infant’s mouth. It can progress rapidly, causing pain and even harm to the permanent teeth that are still growing under the gums. If left untreated, tooth decay can destroy the teeth of an infant or young child and can affect a child’s general overall health. Have it checked by a children dentist near me at Alvi Dental Hospital

They need fillings, stainless steel crowns, pulp or root infection treatments and preventive orthodontics. We routinely do fluoride therapy for preventing cavities, apply sealants, and advise regular check-ups.

Our team do all they can to make your children’s dental near me experience as pleasant as possible. We believe that with good oral home care, routine dental visits, and preventive procedures, your children can grow up cavity-free. We see patients from infancy through the age of 18 and are specialized in treating children with special needs – making us the perfect ‘dental home’ for your children

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