Microscopes used during Root Canals achieve Perfection

We are the pioneers of Implant placement in Pakistan

Perfectly straight teeth, with transparent Aligner

Cosmetic Smile Makeover of your crowded or discolored teeth

Welcome to Alvi Dental

We've built a long standing relationship based on trust to become the Leading Dentist in Karachi & also across Pakistan

Alvi Dental, a leading dental practice in Karachi – providing a full range of cosmetic and specialist dental treatments in a relaxed atmosphere and to the highest standards, using the latest cutting technology, served by some of the most qualified team of dentist in Pakistan

The best dental clinic in Karachi and undoubtedly throughout Pakistan – having three locations across Karachi, one at SMCHS another on Khy-e-Shahbax and the third one Inspire Dental in Gulshan

Using the very latest in cosmetic treatments, we can greatly enhance the appearance of your teeth and strive to bring you the best cosmetic smile makeovers.

Dental treatments include 1-hour teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, metal-free crowns and bridges, dental implants, white fillings and much more. Were the only practice in Pakistan using Root Canal Microscopes and 3D scanning, CTBT technology combined with digital radiography to provide the very best for our patients.

We leave nothing to chance. Our patients deserve the best from the team of dentists we have

Our Dental Team

The Backbone of our Clinic


Alvi Dental has two convenient locations across Karachi offers you a nice and comfortable premises near to your home,  We promise the best quality services and with cutting edge sterilization with zero compromise.  And strive to be the Best Dentist in Karachi after having satisfied you with our exceptional services and professionalism

Featured Services

Our Clinic covers a variety of dental services by our expert Dentist in Karachi

Computerized Visualization

Option for all ages

Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

With High-End Equipment

Overall aesthetics of your smile

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Some FAQ’s

Do I need an Appointment?


We urge you to call / WhatsApp our offices to talk to our team to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

What can I expect at an appointment?

When you arrive at the Alvi Dental our staff will greet you and seat you in the waiting room. We will examine you as quick as possible – average waiting time is less then 15 minutes.

Who are the Top Dentists in Karachi

The best team of dentists in Karachi are definitely

How can I schedule with a Female Dentist

Some exceptional dentists on our team are females, when you call our offices to setup your appointment.  Simply request to be evaluated, attended and treated by female dentists.  If during the procedure you feel uncomfortable for any reason, just politely ask, and our team will ensure your request is taken care off

Our team includes some very exceptional dentists with tremendous experience

Do you have Imaging (x-rays, OPG, Ceph, CTBT-scan) facilities?


We have facility for Peri-Apical X-Rays, OPG, Ceph & 3D CTBT scan, We are also excited to share that Alvi Dental Hospital has its own intra-oral scanner which can digitally scan your teeth for Aligners

Do you examine children at your clinic?


We have on our team of dentists one of Karachi leading Pediatric Dentists Dr Saleha Shah who is brilliant in handling young kids and help treat them to outstanding oral health

What are your Clinic Timings

Both our offices are open 9:30am to 8pm Mondays to Saturday.  We are closed on Sundays

Emergency information

If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention, please WhatsApp our numbers 0348-111-2585 which we would try to answer immediately and maybe help guide you in case of an emergency, but encourage you to immediately come to our office to let our doctors handle your emergency

Free / No-Obligation Dental Clinic Consultation

Come to Alvi Dental and talk in detail with our dentist for a detailed discussion
about your dental questions queries and concerns for FREE