Crooked teeth, bad smiles, poor facial growth, and small or large chins can all be treated to perfection by us. We are the real specialists in this field and have given great smiles to thousands of children. Dr Arif Alvi and Dr Awab Alvi both are American trained Orthodontists while Dr Arif is Diplomate American Board of Orthodontists (there are no other in Pakistan).

Computerized Visualization of the Effect of Braces:

We have a large computer database of treated patients, in fact the largest in Pakistan. When this is combined with our sophisticated Dolphin® computer software we are able to predict your child’s facial development and the effect of our treatment. This gives the parents a visual idea of the benefits, and addresses the question “How will my child look after braces treatment?” This is a unique facility in Pakistan and is the key in achieving beautiful results.

Invisible Aligners

Invisible Aligners from Alvi Dental Hospital
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Alvi Dental Hospital introduces Invisible Aligners to fix your crowded teeth.  Invisible Aligners – are customized transparent plastic trays which you need to wear for two weeks each, each tray gently moves your teeth into a better position, and in due course, your teeth will be straightened to perfection of a perfect smile.

Dr. Awab Alvi is a certified Aligner specialist since 2001 trained from California, but unfortunately due to US-FDA restrictions this treatment option was not available in Pakistan but now its possible

Aesthetic/ Lingual Braces
Ever want braces which dont show, we at Alvi Dental Hospital have a variety of options, from clear braces or Lingual braces. Lingual Braces at brackets on the back of your teeth, custom casted via high-tech CAD-CAM technology are prepared exactly for your teeth. We at Alvi Dental Hospital can help straighten your teeth without anyone ever knowing that you had braces